LKSMP Minecraft 2022 Christmas Event Winners

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The festive season has once again graced the virtual world of LKSMP Minecraft, and players have come together to showcase their imaginative prowess by constructing enchanting Christmas creations. The Christmas event of 2022 brought forth incredible entries, and we are thrilled to announce the winners who captivated our hearts with their festive spirit. Let’s take a closer look at the top contenders and their outstanding creations that spread holiday cheer throughout the server.

1st Place: pabasara
Coordinates: -418 102 -608

Claiming the coveted 1st place spot, pabasara wowed both judges and fellow players with an awe-inspiring Christmas creation. The intricate details and imaginative design of their masterpiece transported everyone to a winter wonderland. pabasara’s dedication and creativity truly shone through, making them a deserving winner of the LKSMP Minecraft 2022 Christmas Event.

2nd Place: killerSL
Coordinates: -3293.597 71 3501.187

Taking the 2nd place position, killerSL impressed with their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their Christmas creation exuded an enchanting atmosphere, showcasing their dedication and love for the holiday season. The judges were captivated by killerSL’s ability to transform blocks into a magical holiday spectacle, making them a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor.

3rd Place: raveenf
Coordinates: -1139 75 -347

Securing the 3rd place spot, raveenf demonstrated their artistic flair and commitment to spreading joy during the Christmas event. Their creation radiated warmth and creativity, embodying the true essence of the holiday season. raveenf’s attention to detail and ability to create a welcoming and festive ambiance made them a remarkable contender among the talented participants.

4th Place: le_konrad
Coordinates: 340 85 711

In the 4th place position, le_konrad showcased their imagination and contributed to the festive atmosphere of the server. Despite not securing a podium position, their creation still impressed with its unique charm and holiday spirit. le_konrad’s dedication to the event deserves recognition and serves as an inspiration to the Minecraft community.


As a token of appreciation for their outstanding efforts, the 1st to 3rd place winners—pabasara, killerSL, and raveenf—will receive a prize of LKR 1000 each. This recognition not only celebrates their creativity but also encourages the Minecraft community to continue pushing the boundaries of imagination and artistic expression.


The LKSMP Minecraft 2022 Christmas Event brought joy and festive cheer to the virtual realm. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to pabasara, killerSL, raveenf, and le_konrad for their incredible contributions. Their dedication and creative spirit enriched the server community and showcased the immense talent within the Minecraft universe. As we bid farewell to this remarkable event, let us carry the inspiration forward and look forward to future festivities that will unite us in the world of LKSMP Minecraft. Happy crafting and may the holiday spirit continue to shine brightly!

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