LKSMP Servers bug fixes, new features, etc.
  • New emerald crate and rank –
  • Lime gem shop – trade items, take lime gems and convert them to yellow gems
  • Key Exchanger NPC – exchange the vote keys and get the VIP key
  • Balloon driver NPC improvement
  • UI improvement
  • Added new paintings
  • Many minor bugfixes

game version update 1.16.4 – 1.18.2

  • RTP NPC Improvement
Have you found any bugs or mistakes? Please, report them on our Discord
  • zombie villagers stacking issue fix
Have you found any bugs or mistakes? Please, report them on our Discord
  • Tab list with ranks


end + nether reset / new map size 4000 blocks
resource pack update
valentine’s day rank + crate coming soon

resource pack update

  • rain issue fixed
  • anti-cheat improvement

y-0 claim issue has been resolved.

If you notice any bugs please report

The new map size is currently 14,500 blocks, Find unloaded chunks to get overworld generation , with larger caves, taller mountains, new cave biomes, and flooded caves. I may be increasing the map size in the future, but the current world border will stay where it is for at least a month.

You’ll also notice that render distance has also increased substantially – hopefully we can keep it that way!

If you notice any bugs or issues please report them.

The resource pack download failed. Please reconnect and try again The problem is temporarily fixed.

Let me know if the pack does not load. T4B

You can easily change in-game skin through the LKSMP website

Follow the steps:

If the skin does not change, try to reconnect



Survival + Skyblock 2022 Update


New Year Rank + Crate –
End + Nether Reset
Added Coordinates Book –
Added New Font
Added New Paintings
Upload Skin through our website – coming soon


Added Swamp /is biomes
New Items To Shop Ancient Debris, Arrow,Kelp
Fixed Death Count Issue
10 Seconds Delay /is, /spawn, etc.

Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one! 

Fixed an issue with not being able to log in while stuck in the Nether Portal :2304popbob:

Added when a player authenticates successfully, his IP and his nickname are saved. The next time the player joins the server, if his IP is the same as last time and the timeout hasn’t expired, he will not need to authenticate. session expire time 10 minutes

If you find any bug, please report 

Resource pack download issue fixed

SkyBlock Server Location Change To Singapore – Low Latency 

You can now access our server from the following versions:

1.16.5, 1.16.4, 1.17, 1.17.1

If you find any bugs, please report

New server ip :

 Just a small update

TNT and Creepers will not destroy claimed blocks To allow Explosions in the claim area /claimexplosions

LKSMP Survival Server – December Update 2021 

  •  YouTube Rank
  •  Christmas Rank + VIP Christmas Crate –
  •  Christmas Vote Crate
  •  Christmas Paintings
  •  Lobby Christmas Game – Find 10 Gift Boxes, Win Free VIP Christmas Crate Key. -limited time
  •  New GUI Update
  •  Tab List Update
  •  Added Emoji Pack
  •  Armor Texture Update
  •  End + Nether Reset

1.18 Server Update Coming Soon.

LKSMP SkyBlock Server – 2021/11/29 Update

This update mainly focuses on bug fixes

  • Fixed Slime And Cow Stacking
  • Added Emoji Pack
  • YouTube Rank
  • New GUI Update
  • New Christmas Lobby


  • Server Slot 30 -> 50
  • Server Location Change To Singapore – Low Latency
  • DeadChest Update removed 

Keep a player’s inventory in a chest (deadchest) when he dies. This deadchest is placed at the location where the player dies with a holographic text with the owner and a timer of remaining time before the chest disappear ! When the timer end, the chest is destroy with all the content in it.



DeadChest Generate In Rails And Minecart ?
DeadChest Disappear Time?
5 minutes
Everybody Can Open Dead Chest?
Only the owner of the inventory can open the dead chest

If you find any issue, please report it on Discord or [email protected]

LKSMP SkyBlock Server – Classic SkyBlock

Version:1.17.1 Server IP:


  • island challenges – competent, expert, advanced, elite
  • island team – team up with 7 players
  • island biomes – ocean,plains,desert,forest,cold tundra,jungle,savanna,warm ocean,flower forest
  • island upgrade /is upgrade
  • island generators /is generator
  • player shop /ah
  • server shop /warp shop

and more…

  • Tab list update
  • Chat update
  • Whitelist disabled
  • anti-cheat update
  • new server lobby
  • vote shop
  • playtime records
  • resource pack update – Halloween
  • Halloween celebration crate – get 25 keys + VIP Tag  for $5 Buy
  • vote crate – /vote
  • /lobby command – The player can only execute the command in the overworld. The player must then stand still for ten seconds. If your move, the countdown stops.
  • custom resources pack added – how to enable resource pack
  • vote system added – players can get free claim blocks /vote
  • member group added – [Member]
  • bugfixes – thank you player : ST0RM
  • netherworld and end world restarted
  • server optimization – If you run into issues or have any suggestions, let us know. 
  • land claim system added – Players create and manage their own land claims check commands here  , contact our staff member to get more details.
  • Login system added – users can create accounts. to register : /register [password] [verifypassword] to login :  /login [password]
  • server performance improvement
  • packet rate changed –  max-packet-rate 1500
  • server motd change
  • skin plugin – gives the players ability to change their skins by typing a single command. type /skin help 
  • ram upgrade 
  • whitelist on –  A whitelist is a list of players that are approved to join.
  • server icon update
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