LKSMP Servers bug fixes, new features, etc.
  • Server Slot 30 -> 50
  • Server Location Change To Singapore – Low Latency
  • DeadChest Update removed 

Keep a player’s inventory in a chest (deadchest) when he dies. This deadchest is placed at the location where the player dies with a holographic text with the owner and a timer of remaining time before the chest disappear ! When the timer end, the chest is destroy with all the content in it.



DeadChest Generate In Rails And Minecart ?
DeadChest Disappear Time?
5 minutes
Everybody Can Open Dead Chest?
Only the owner of the inventory can open the dead chest

If you find any issue, please report it on Discord or su[email protected]

LKSMP SkyBlock Server – Classic SkyBlock

Version:1.17.1 Server IP:


  • island challenges – competent, expert, advanced, elite
  • island team – team up with 7 players
  • island biomes – ocean,plains,desert,forest,cold tundra,jungle,savanna,warm ocean,flower forest
  • island upgrade /is upgrade
  • island generators /is generator
  • player shop /ah
  • server shop /warp shop

and more…

  • Tab list update
  • Chat update
  • Whitelist disabled
  • anti-cheat update
  • new server lobby
  • vote shop
  • playtime records
  • resource pack update – Halloween
  • Halloween celebration crate – get 25 keys + VIP Tag  for $5 Buy
  • vote crate – /vote
  • /lobby command – The player can only execute the command in the overworld. The player must then stand still for ten seconds. If your move, the countdown stops.
  • custom resources pack added – how to enable resource pack
  • vote system added – players can get free claim blocks /vote
  • member group added – [Member]
  • bugfixes – thank you player : ST0RM
  • netherworld and end world restarted
  • server optimization – If you run into issues or have any suggestions, let us know. 
  • land claim system added – Players create and manage their own land claims check commands here  , contact our staff member to get more details.
  • Login system added – users can create accounts. to register : /register [password] [verifypassword] to login :  /login [password]
  • server performance improvement
  • packet rate changed –  max-packet-rate 1500
  • server motd change
  • skin plugin – gives the players ability to change their skins by typing a single command. type /skin help 
  • ram upgrade 
  • whitelist on –  A whitelist is a list of players that are approved to join.
  • server icon update
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