LKSMP Introduces Overworld-only TPA Feature

  • Post last modified:October 2, 2023
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Minecraft has always been a game that thrives on creativity and community interaction. The ability to teleport to other players is a crucial feature in multiplayer servers, enabling players to connect and collaborate seamlessly. In this latest update, LKSMP has introduced an exciting addition to their gameplay: the overworld-only TPA (teleportation) feature. Today, we’ll delve into the details of this update, exploring the new commands and functionalities it brings.

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New Commands

LKSMP’s TPA update introduces a set of commands that streamline teleportation requests and enhance the multiplayer experience. Let’s take a closer look at these commands:

  1. /tpa [player]: The “/tpa” command allows you to send a teleportation request to another player on the server. This is a convenient way to initiate a teleportation process, enabling you to join your friends or explore different parts of the world together.
  2. /tpahere [player]: With the “/tpahere” command, you can send a teleportation request to bring another player directly to your location. This is especially useful when you want someone to join you quickly or showcase a specific area.
  3. /tpaccept: Once you receive a teleportation request, the “/tpaccept” command lets you accept it. This grants permission for the sender to teleport to your location, fostering seamless collaboration and exploration.
  4. /tpatoggle: The “/tpatoggle” command allows you to enable or disable teleportation to your location. You have the flexibility to control who can teleport to you, ensuring privacy and security within the server. Additionally, you can use “/tpatoggle [player]” to specifically enable or disable teleportation for a particular player.
  5. /tpdeny: If you wish to decline a teleportation request, simply use the “/tpdeny” command. This denies the request, letting the sender know that you are unable or unwilling to teleport at that moment.
  6. /tpcancel [player]: In case you change your mind about a specific teleportation request, the “/tpcancel [player]” command enables you to cancel it. This gives you the freedom to modify or cancel teleportation plans as needed.
  7. /back: The “/back” command allows you to teleport to your last death location in the overworld. It’s a valuable feature that ensures you can retrieve lost items quickly. However, please note that this command only functions within the overworld and is accessible only after you’ve died. If you disconnect and rejoin the server, the “/back” command will not work.

Enhancing the Multiplayer Experience

The introduction of the overworld-only TPA feature on LKSMP brings exciting possibilities for multiplayer gameplay. Whether you’re collaborating on large-scale builds, embarking on challenging quests, or simply exploring the vast Minecraft world together, these new commands streamline communication and teleportation, making it easier than ever to connect with others.


The LKSMP Minecraft server’s recent TPA update has brought a welcome addition to their multiplayer gameplay. With the introduction of commands like “/tpa,” “/tpahere,” and “/tpatoggle,” players now have enhanced control over teleportation, enabling seamless collaboration and exploration. The “/back” command provides a convenient way to return to your last death location in the overworld, ensuring you never lose valuable progress. Join LKSMP today to experience these exciting new features and elevate your Minecraft multiplayer experience!

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