Finding and Returning to Your Home without SetHome

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In the vast world of Minecraft, finding and returning to your home is an essential skill that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. However, in LKSMP Minecraft, you are unable to use convenient commands like “/sethome” and “/home” to teleport directly to your desired location. Fear not, for in this guide, we will explore alternative methods to find and return to your home without relying on these commands. So, grab your pickaxe, keep your coordinates in mind, and let’s get started!

Establishing a Bed Spawnpoint

The first step in ensuring a safe and reliable way to return home is by setting your bed spawnpoint. Place a bed in your desired location and right-click on it to set it as your spawnpoint. It’s crucial to remember that once your bed is destroyed or obstructed, your spawnpoint will be reset, so protect it at all costs. This bed will serve as your anchor point whenever you want to return home.

Utilizing the Bed Teleport Portal in the Lobby

If you find yourself in the lobby and wish to return home, fear not. By having a bed spawnpoint established, you can utilize the bed teleport portal in the lobby. Simply enter the portal, and you will be instantly transported to the location where you set your bed spawn. This method is reliable and ensures a swift return to your home.

Returning from Distant Locations

If you are far away from your home and need to return, you have a couple of options. First, you can use the “/lobby” command, which will teleport you back to the lobby. From there, you can access the bed teleport portal as mentioned earlier. However, it’s important to note that the “/lobby” command only works in the overworld and has a cooldown. Therefore, it’s not always available for immediate use.

Navigating Back Home Using Coordinates

If you don’t have access to the “/lobby” command or are unable to use it due to cooldown restrictions, navigating back home using coordinates becomes your best option. Keep track of your home’s XYZ coordinates (latitude, longitude, and altitude) or take note of significant landmarks near your base. By retracing your steps, following familiar terrain, and keeping a keen eye on your surroundings, you can make your way back to your beloved home.

Claiming Your Builds

Lastly, to ensure the safety and integrity of your home, it’s highly recommended to claim your builds using in-game commands type /help for more. This prevents other players from accidentally or intentionally modifying or destroying your hard work. Claiming your builds also adds an extra layer of security, guaranteeing that you can return to your home undisturbed.


While the absence of “/sethome” and “/home” commands in LKSMP Minecraft may initially seem daunting, there are still reliable methods to find and return to your home. By setting a bed spawnpoint, utilizing the bed teleport portal in the lobby, using the “/lobby” command when available, navigating using coordinates, and claiming your builds, you can confidently explore the vast Minecraft world while always having a way back to the place you call home.

Remember, establishing a bed spawnpoint should be one of your top priorities. When in the lobby, take advantage of the bed teleport portal. It serves as a convenient gateway back to your bed spawn. By simply stepping into the portal, you’ll be instantly transported to your home’s location. This method saves time and eliminates the need for lengthy journeys.

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