The Quest for Elytra in the Limited Endworld of LKSMP Minecraft

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Welcome, fellow adventurers of LKSMP Minecraft! Today, we dive into the challenges and strategies surrounding the acquisition of elytra in the endworld. As we explore the limited end cities within the 4000-block world border, we’ll discuss the significance of elytra, the server’s precautions to prevent lag, and the different avenues players can take to secure this valuable asset.

The Limited Endworld

In LKSMP Minecraft, the endworld is a treacherous yet rewarding dimension that holds the key to one of the most coveted items: elytra. However, due to server limitations, the endworld’s accessibility has been confined within a 4000-block world border. While this measure aims to enhance server performance by minimizing the generation of new chunks, it presents a unique challenge for players seeking to acquire elytra.

The Scarcity of Elytra

Within the limited end cities generated inside the 4000-block endworld, the number of elytra available is inherently limited. As a result, not all players have an equal chance of finding these coveted wings. The scarcity of elytra means that players must be strategic and seize opportunities as they arise.

The Monthly Reset

To maintain fairness and provide every player with a fighting chance, the LKSMP Minecraft server implements a monthly reset of the endworld. This reset allows all players to enter a fresh endworld, brimming with untouched end cities and unclaimed elytra. To make the most of this opportunity, it is crucial to be among the first to enter the new endworld after the reset. Being swift and efficient will greatly increase your chances of claiming an elytra before other players.

Alternative Acquisition Methods

For those who are unable to secure an elytra through exploration or during the monthly reset, there is another viable option: player-to-player transactions. Engage with fellow adventurers in LKSMP Minecraft and negotiate a fair price for their elytra. Make sure to use the appropriate command (/ah) for a secure trade. By leveraging the in-game economy and cooperation between players, you can still obtain elytra and soar through the skies of the Overworld.

While buying an elytra from another player may provide a convenient solution, it doesn’t compare to the excitement and satisfaction of personally finding one in an end city within the endworld. The journey and adventure of exploration make the search for elytra in LKSMP Minecraft truly memorable and rewarding.


In the limited endworld of LKSMP Minecraft Server, the search for elytra presents a unique challenge. With the world border set at 4000 blocks to prevent server lag, the number of end cities containing elytra is limited. However, the monthly reset provides a fresh start and an opportunity for all players to claim this valuable item. For those who miss out or prefer an alternative route, engaging in player-to-player transactions is a viable option. By embracing these strategies, you can overcome the limitations and soar to new heights in LKSMP.

Remember, perseverance and collaboration are key in your quest for elytra. Good luck, fellow adventurers, and may the skies of the Overworld be yours to conquer!

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