LKSMP New Server Restart Times

  • Post last modified:October 2, 2023
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Running a Minecraft server can be an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a server is ensuring its performance and stability. At LKSMP, we understand the importance of creating a seamless and enjoyable gaming environment for our players. To achieve this, we have implemented strategic restart times for our server, aimed at preventing crashes caused by RAM overload. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of LKSMP’s Minecraft server restart times and the reasoning behind them.

1st Restart: 05:30 AM

The first restart of the day occurs at 05:30 AM. This early-morning restart is strategically scheduled to address any lingering issues that may have arisen overnight. By restarting the server at this time, we aim to provide a fresh start to ensure optimal performance throughout the day. It allows us to free up system resources, clear any accumulated cache, and reset potential memory leaks, all of which contribute to maintaining a stable gaming environment.

2nd Restart: 05:30 PM

The second restart takes place at 05:30 PM, which coincides with the transition from daytime to evening. This restart time aims to strike a balance between accommodating our players’ gaming patterns and preventing any potential performance degradation due to extended uptime. By initiating a restart during this time, we can alleviate any strain on the server caused by prolonged gameplay, clear memory usage, and optimize overall performance.

3rd Restart: 10:00 PM

The final restart of the day occurs at 10:00 PM, which marks the beginning of nighttime gameplay for many players. As the server experiences increased activity during this period, it becomes crucial to ensure that it operates at its peak efficiency. By restarting the server at 10:00 PM, we can proactively address any performance issues caused by the influx of players, refresh system resources, and ensure a smooth gaming experience during the night hours.

Adaptability to Player Count

It’s important to note that these restart times are subject to change depending on the player count. At LKSMP, we prioritize our players’ experience above all else. If the player count exceeds the server’s capacity or if there is an increased demand during specific times, we may adjust the restart times accordingly. Our aim is to provide a lag-free and immersive Minecraft experience for all our players, and we continuously monitor server performance to make necessary adjustments when needed.


The strategic restart times implemented on the LKSMP Minecraft server exemplify our commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience for our community. By conducting server restarts at 05:30 AM, 05:30 PM, and 10:00 PM, we ensure that our server remains stable and performs optimally. These restarts help us alleviate any potential issues caused by RAM overload, clear memory usage, and provide a fresh start for seamless gameplay. At LKSMP, we are dedicated to continuously improving our server’s performance and fostering an engaging and enjoyable Minecraft experience for all our players.

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