Introducing LKSMP’s XP Bank v1.0

  • Post last modified:October 2, 2023
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Lanka Survival Multiplayer (LKSMP) is an exciting Minecraft server that offers a unique gaming experience for players. LKSMP has introduced XP Bank v1.0, a remarkable system that allows players to securely store and manage their experience points (XP). In this blog post, we will delve into the features of XP Bank v1.0 and explore how it can enhance your gameplay on LKSMP.

Securely Store and Manage Your XP

XP Bank v1.0 offers a simple yet effective solution for storing and managing your hard-earned experience points. With this system in place, players no longer need to worry about losing their valuable XP upon death or during unforeseen circumstances. By talking to the XP Bank NPC in the lobby, players can conveniently deposit their XP levels into the bank, ensuring the safety of their progress.

Enhanced Gameplay Features

In addition to the XP banking system, LKSMP has implemented a range of features to further enrich your gaming experience. Here are a few notable additions:

  • Cooldown for TPA and Back Commands: 30-second cooldown for TPA (teleport request) and Back commands.
  • Tablist Ping Removal: use /ping to check the current ping

Join LKSMP today and take advantage of XP Bank v1.0 to securely store your XP and enjoy a seamless and immersive Minecraft experience. Remember, your feedback and bug reports play a crucial role in improving the server, so be sure to contribute to the community and help shape the future of LKSMP.

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